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Don´t forget your future.

Time ago, after I finished college I began to read about memory and how our brain works. I tried to understand how it functions and how you can improve its performace. Once my knowledge of this topic grew, I came across a reference from a guy called Joshua FoerThis person was a journalist who trained himself with the help of prefessionals and scientists to master the skills of a professional mnemonist and be able to write a great article of what is happening in the mind of this professional mnemonist when they participate in Memory Championships. He not only show big deal of what is going on in their minds but also won "accidentally" the US Memory Championship in 2006. After reading his book I got engaged with this whole memory stuff and my love for the memory business got bigger. 

After reading a couple of more books I started practising by my own. I know that they have no special ability and anyone can actually become the best in this, you just need to hustle. This is where Gary Vaynerchuk appears. He basically taught me the word "hustle" through this video. And since the first time I watched that 15  pure ass-kicking motivational minutes I learned that there was only one way to achieve my goal: hustling day and night. The video had it all; from time managing to true friendly advices: "Everybody has time, stop watching F#%"& Lost!".

I knew that you can not only read to learn everything, but you have to actually follow leading people. People that might have had the same conundrums you are having. So, instead of trying to figure them out, and wasting so much time on it, you could just ask for advices, truly and genuine advices from time to time and from the right people. Gary is one of those people. He showed me that caring about your user is the KEY. I might have not bought a wine bottle from him, I might haven´t bought one of his books (well now I have already done it -can wait to read it) but applying his concepts to my job (I am a ESL teacher) and my person would seriously improve my life. 

I am from Mexico and since 2006 this country has not have a Memory Championship or a representation in the World Memory Championship. I want to be that person. I want to start helping people in my own country. According to researches, 6 out of 10 adults above 65 years all get either alzheimer or senial demensia. 
When you lose your memories, you lose yourself and your family loses you. Unfortunately, to get attention in my country from the press or media, you need to have or do something incredible amazing... or being a soccer player, actor, politician, etc.

I am currently training myself to participate in next year´s World Memory Championship. I want to have a high performance and get some attention from the media so I can start getting into public schools to teach children the value of having an amazing memory. Not only would improve their quality of life but also their school performance. But they won´t believe me unless I can show them what you can actually do with a great mind. 

My business might not bring me millions or cars or beautiful women, but it will bring me knowledge and peace in my mind by knowing that I am doing something to help my country.

I know this will turn into a business in the future, business I want to take in the right direction. So, I might not have the logo yet, but I have the heart, the determination and the hustling to do it. Now, with Gary, I will have the knowledge I will need in this future.

 So, what is the strategy? Improve and train myself in the art of memorization, gain some respect and fame with friends, family and people in general, attend the 2014 World Memory Championship and reach a respectable place in the top 50, gain attention from the media, get 30 seconds or more of national TV, go to schools and give talks about w¡how to improve and why, support the elder raising funds.


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