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I have never had a problem with my name... Until I had to make lettering out of it. As a designer I've always wanted a script logo, or I might've picked something else.  Since I've been signing it the same way for years, it was hard to move away from my usual signature and I went through quite a few of sheets. The cat did not help, he just really likes to sit on pieces of paper.

The "m, i, n, i again, and letter u" have always blended together in my signature into illegible mush. So I feel like I'm left with the D, and q, and potentially the e at the end to do something with personality. I am tempted to just do pages of those letters to get something interesting.

These are the finals and I can't seem to pick one to pursue. Perhaps more exploration is needed, or perhaps flourishes and cleaning up will be enough to make one of these hold. Thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking a look!


Final options to explore.


Final stage before tracing paper exploration.


Final to be vectorized. 


Still having a bit of issues with my anchors. Everyone else's handles are so neat and perpendicular. Holding shift while drawing a point gives you perfectly even handles,  is there a way to adjust the handles on a point at the same time after the fact? Or is this a practice thing of getting it the first time, and only moving the point rather than the handle?

I redid the D a second time and it is one of the more corect ones, the rest are pretty wonky. I have stared at my name long enough, I don't think I will vectorize a second time. The thickness of the q is bugging me, and it probably has too many points causing too many issues.





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