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Brittany Watkins

Artist/Grad Student at FSU



Domina Lupus (Wolf Lady)

     Having grown up around dogs I guess I have always felt a certain connection to the wolf because they are in a sense like the undomesticated version of the dog. I feel like they represent a freedom that is present in the wilderness something lost with civilization and the bustle of human life today. The more I study the behaviors of wolves the more fascinated I become. Somewhat recently I had a dream about becoming a wolf which inspired me to write a song about a woman who longs to be a wolf and then in an alternate universe or dream-world she is able to become one. However, she is not part of a wolf pack like she dreamed instead the woman is a lone wolf and desires to be human again.

     Even before I dreamt this tale or wrote the song I created some prints that were portraits of women surrounded by their spirit animal or part woman, part animal. As a way to display the various natures of women and point them towards a much needed "reassurtion with their relationship of wildness" as Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote in her book "Women Who Run with the Wolves."  The idea is that once a woman has taken control of her own inner self and connection to the wild nature around her she will trhive as thinker, listener, a visionary and so much more.

So for this project I have decided to attempt to create a sort of visual aid or representation of the "Wolf Lady" or the woman who wishes to be or is the wolf. Domina Lupus is the latin tranlation meaning Wolf Lady. I am not sure whether I want to have a woman surrounded by a wolf/ves or if I want to have a combination of the two. I am just going to start sketching out some VERY rough things and see what I prefer and what works better as a composition.

This is the first 2-5 minute sketch of a reclining pinup style woman with a large wolf behind her to represent her essence.

This is my second idea for an approach. Trying to sort of match up the bodies with positioning. I will have to use two colors to ensure that both figures are equally seen and that each face is recognizable. Again rough 5 minute sketch...

This is my third and last sketch for a potential layout. Referencing the typical reclining venus pose in order to  reclaim the historical presentation of women created by men.

This is my most recent sketch I am going to try to create a finished version of my lsat two sketches because I don't know if my first attempt at the second one will be successful. This is what I have of the wolf so far.

I am drawing the form of the woman on tracing paper so that I can manipulate how her body is before I commit and draw it on top of the wolf. This is what I have so far.

I decided that it would be better to draw the woman and the wolf separately and combine them digitally. I am almost finished with the first version of the woman here and I will be scanning both images today to play around with my textures and combining them. 

I'm still not finished, but this is one version of the two drawing combined I have.

I played around with some color and texture changes and have several I really like. This will be my last post for this project. I love the outcome!


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