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Dom Streater Logotype

I am working on a logotype for fashion and textile design Dom Streater. After some exploration, I settled on a hand-drawn script concept to represent her - as a fashion designer who brings together both modern and retro silhouettes, as well as fun and exciting textiles. 

I started with some rough sketching:

And then refined three concepts on paper:

I combined the elements I liked in each of the ideas into one design:

I had never used the technique of creating a simple stroke first and then editing and refining the curves, I think it's a really effective way of doing it. I decided to change up the ends of the flourishes a bit. Here's my current vectorized version:

And some examples reversed on a shape:

Please give me any feedback you may have, any nitpicking is appreciated! I really want this to be a strong, clean logotype. Thanks very much!


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