Dolphin with Audacity | Skillshare Projects

Jessica Shipard

Designer at COLONY



Dolphin with Audacity

I'm loving the effects coming through from Audacity. Love to know which stage you like best!

1.  I started with a tumblr picture I took it of my screen on my iphone to increase resolution and give it the screen grain. 

2. Added a touch of echo

3. Added a tiny bit of echo over most of the image

4. Heavy echo and delay down the bottom 

5.  Subtle all over phaser

6.  Tones of bass- no treble, saved.  Followed by no bass lots of treble


7. Lots of echo- Image lost.

I love taking pictures of my computer screen with my iphone to get that screen grain. I started with an image from tumblr I like.  I've filled mine with inspiring images, if you are looking for some

I'm interested in using glitches to make fashion forward prints to be digitally printed on fabric.  

To create this image I simply deleted sections of text in text edit, pasted repeats of sections of text and added some random text.  

I then edited the tones a little in photoshop to soften it and make the colours more offbeat. 


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