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Dolphin and the letter J

Hi there!

First of all I really enjoyed this class. I did get stuck when it came to 'gridding' as I'd never done this before and it was really explained - but I coped!

So lets begin with my Dolphin.

I took a few images for inspiration from google of jumping Dolphins. Here's the one I chose


I made sketches of this Dolphin and uploaded onto Illustrator. After choosing my final drawing and following the tutorial I came up with my final design...


Then I moved onto the letter project. I chose J - frankly because I used to always hate the letter J when I was writing my name.

So I started sketching (I apologise that these are upside down...even when I rotate them they're not staying for some reason!)..


And scanned the one I liked into Illustrator. From there I followed the tutorial. Once picking my letter I decided it would look nice as a 'tennis ball'. So decided to create the logo based on a Tennis Centre. I also did different colour variations that are not so tennis-y.


I realised adding a drop shadow to the J would give it a bit more life.


Hopefully I'll also be adding a Negative space design too so if i do i will update this.

Please let me know your thoughts.



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