Dog - student project

I wanted to think of a cool animal to base my lettering from, but couldn't find one. So I stuck with an animal that I love - a DOG!

I set a very short time limit for myself in coming up with the concept.  I wanted it to be a quick exercise of my brain in coming up with concepts. So I was only able to sketch out a few designs and had to design which one to go with.

So the characteristics I wanted to convey were:





I searched for reference materials on the web and these are what I found:

Dog - image 1 - student project

Dog - image 2 - student project


So the first step was sketching down an idea. 

I started down writing the word dog in serif, bold, script and somehow liking a bold with rounded edges type for my lettering. I then started to draw furs around the type to mimic the look of a dog.

Dog - image 3 - student project

After the initial sketch, I decided that I liked the look of the type and then proceeded to finalizing the sketch. 

Dog - image 4 - student project


Then I proceeded to draw the letter in Photoshop, added some colors to the illustration, some shadows and highlights for depth, and that's it. I liked how it turned out. 

Dog - image 5 - student project


If you have any feedback on my project, do let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

Matthew Narca
Designer x Letterer