Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED)

Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED) - student project

I tried with another illustration, this time I used the photoshop timeline. I sketched the story and after that I scanned it and did the magic on photoshop! The background is from another illustration I made a while ago, it's on my IG account (

Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED) - image 1 - student project

And here's the GIF, I hope you like it!!

Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED) - image 2 - student project


Amarilys, I was really looking forward to this class since you started posting those little animations on your instagram account. I'm new to Photoshop (in fact today was the first day I used it) and to the illustration world as well but I'm very excited to see how much one can do. 

Your lessons were very clear for a truly beginner. I had to review the third and fourth lessons serveral times, and I even did it in slow motion to see the steps, but I'm so happy I could finally do it.

I took an illustration I made for another workshop , and started playing with it. Once I got to manage the layer menu and the magic wand everything got easier!

This is the original illustration:

Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED) - image 3 - student project


This time I used, next time I'll try to make it like a pro!

Congrats on the class! I loved it!

Dog on the couch! (project UPDATED) - image 4 - student project