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Dog hikes in the North Bay

I loved this class! I was already familiar with some of the apps recommended, but I had never combined the use of them to create a final image!

To me, a hike is not complete without a dog by my side, and since I am working on a new personal project that involves photography, writing and hiking with dogs, I was thrilled to be able to add this mobile photography technique to my tool kit.

Here's my first shot, straight out of the camera roll:

Because the sun crept in there a bit, I lost some contrast and I had some horizon straitening to do. So I took it into Snapseed and Afterlight, where I straightened it, adjusted contrast, brightness, a little bit of clarifying, hue and saturation to get back the blues I was seeing in real life:

I could have stopped here, but I am a huge fan of VSCOcam, so I brought it in and applied one of my favorite film filters to really make those blues pop. The result is a little dark and moody and maybe a little too blue now that I see it on screen, it could probably use a bit more brightness, but it was a great learning experience nontheless. And my model Huck was a trooper with a bullet-proof "stay". :)

final image:

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thank you!


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