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Dog french perfume WIP

(This is a work in progress)

I started a blog a week ago and chose to focus mainly on drawing dogs. Usually my line is very regular so I want to experiment with de advice of Yuko. (

I want to make a poster that resemble old french perfume publicity, but with smells that dogs would enjoy, like dead rat, poop, stagnated water, etc. 

The first concept was the situation:

After that I started looking for references of old publicity for perfumes. And started making some thumbnails:

I hope to be able to make a big drawing and ink it by tonight. I'll do my best.

Happy Birthday Yuko!


This is the first version of the inked drawing. I found it very challenging to make the textures! I feel that practice is a very important factor :)

I will try to make another version with better composition and maybe exploring different ways to represent the textures of the poodle.

Any constructive feedback is welcome ;)


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