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Dani Marti

Love keeping things simple.



Dog The Bounty Hunter


My name is Dani Marti and I'm working in Creative by the Sea. We are based on Maui, Hawaii.

We are mostly specialized in digital artwork and web design, that's why that class was so interesting and challenging for us.

I took as base an illustration I had made some days ago that I had a lot of fun making it, so I wanted to experiment a little bit with that technique of the Screen Printing.

The first step was converting my illustration to a two color illustration. Really challenging, the process of simplifying colors was hard, but really fun as experiment. I had to change the beard because I had a hard time controling the symbols I used to make it, so I made just simple shapes for that.

As you can see, with two colors my illustration lost a lot of depth and live, following the directions of the class I discovered I could mix my two colors to have a darker third color perfect to use for shadows and bring some life to my illustration.

At that point I was ready to separate colors... I think that's the hardest part of the process. Separating shapes and colors, but then you are ready to do really cool things... I added some textures to make it more interesting.

Here is my red layer.

And my green layer.

The green layer is multiplying over the red layer, like that I got the darker colors for shadows and sunglasses. I decided to use the halftones only for some of my shadows.

And this is the final Poster. Hope you like it!

Please feel free to comment! I would like to hear some feedback, thanks in advance :-)


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