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Dog & Pineapple  - student project


Let me introduce my blog called Dog & Pineapple that I started over a year ago as a personal style and DIY blog. 

Over the year the content shifted a little bit and I found my niche in sharing fashionable editorials featuring only clothes that I made by myself. 

My idea is to promote home sewing and show that even hand-made wardrobe can be as classy and stylish as closet consisting from latest trends combining it with high-end & sustainable fashion from stores. 

Why? Fashion industry is one of the biggest pollution producers and it's a modern form of slavery hidden by the curtain of capitalism. Trust me, I am no tree hugger but this is a cause I really care about because I see how much we buy and at the end it ends up at the bottom of our closets. 

I hope that with this blog I will inspire people to shop less, save money or learn to sew because it will add so much value to their life as a skill. 

I live in Prague so I talk quite a bit about local designers and artists, plus I also share DIY inspired by catwalks or simply home-made cosmetic that is not harmful to our bodies in any way. 

I will be glad to hear some feedback and I would be the happiest if you'd became one of my new readers:) 


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Tereza Šťastná

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