Dog Park (Quiet + Loud)

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - student project


Very, very pleased with my illustration! It was certianly a fun process and I learned so much from Brad's video tutorials. They were extremely helpful and learned a couple new hot keys (always a plus).

My illustration stands for both "Quiet" and "Loud", just as I originally wanted. The idea of a dog park being set up in a very calm and peaceful setting and then the dogs invading and filling the park with fun and playful chaos. Success!


Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 1 - student project

UPDATE 4.1.2013


Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 2 - student project

UPDATE 3.28.2013


Quick update. I've been playing around with textures and trying to tighten up my composition. Feeling better and better about this illustration every time I look at it. White space has been added to break up all the tan (as suggested by fellow students) and it looks wonderful. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. You have all been super helpful. 

For next steps, I need to develop graphic elements in the sky to break up the texture (still not sure if I want to use it there) and finalize composition. 

Feedback always welcome! Thanks!


Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 3 - student project

Made some really great progress tonight! Working with my composition and adding more colors for variation. I think I'm ready to add texture and hopefully it will bring it all together. See progress below!


Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 4 - student projectDog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 5 - student projectDog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 6 - student project


A little WIP shot.

I'm a little behind on my illustration, but starting off really well. Not entirely happy with my full sketch, so I started illustrating the little elements that will bring the illustration together. Still playing around with colors as well. Haven't even touched texture yet. Hoping to post more progress every day!

Feedback always welcome! Thanks!

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 7 - student project


Hello All-

Excited to add my sketches to the madness!

I started my process with a word chart, as Brad knew it to be effective, and that really helped. From there, it was determined I wanted to illustrate a place (see orange highlights in word chart). Played with the idea of a combination of both using quiet and loud. For example, "Country vs. City" and "Ocean vs. Land." It was hard for me to decide on one concept, so continued to brainstorm where there was a mini "ah-ha" moment.

My thought was to illustrate a nursing home/elderly care center with all these crazy, x-rated activities happening inside at night that know one would ever realize. After sketching out a possible scene, I remember my poor people drawing skills... so that concept had to go!

Circled back and realize my goals for this class are to motivate me to work on personal projects (and learning some new techniques on the way). That's how the Dog Park Concept came to mind. I love dogs and have always had this idea of illustrating an entire series of different breeds and their traits.

A dog park is a funny thing because it's such a peaceful setup outdoors, then you bring in the dogs and it gets wild. It's still playing with the idea of both the quiet and loud combo that I wanted to do originally, but with a different and more personal spin. Plus, dogs are way easier to draw!

Would love to hear any feedback! Sorry my scans got cut off.

Thanks in advance,

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 8 - student project

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 9 - student project

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 10 - student project

Dog Park (Quiet + Loud) - image 11 - student project

Phalen Reed

Designer + Illustrator