Dog Dates

Dog Dates - student project

Hey! A little late here but that's okay, right? :) 

Dog Dates - image 1 - student project

So my startup idea is for an online dog play-date service which I've named DogDates. You sign up, create a profile for your pup, look through other dogs' profiles in your area, and then contact someone who you think would make a good play mate for your dog and set up a play date.

There would also be a few other features of the site. For example there's a "group date" tab. Start a group play date at your local dog park and anyone can RSVP. It'll be a huge doggie party! There's also a "find a park" tab, in case you need help finding a place where your pup can play.

For the homepage, I didn't get too far down yet. I've got my top photo area, logo, nav, and that's about it.  Below that I'm thinking a simple 3 step explanation of the site in the orange area. (Create a profile, look through other profiles, and set up a play date.) Then probably a big "sign up now" kind of call-out. Below that I'd like to have a sampling of local dog profiles. Then I'll end it with a footer.

That's all for now. Let me know what you think so far!

UPDATE 3/19/13

Dog Dates - image 2 - student project

Making some progress here. Added in a call to action button on the very top. Calling it "get started now" but may change to "sign up now" or something else. 

Next section is a simple explanation of the steps of DogDates. Those three circles will be replaced by some illustrations. Haven't gotten to those yet. 

The third section is a small sampling of some dog profiles near where the user lives. There are options to view the full profile or message that dog/owner directly. There is also a button for the user to view more dog profiles. 

Below that will be a footer and that's that!

Feedback is welcome and appreciated, thanks!

UPDATE 3/22/13

Dog Dates - image 3 - student project

Final version? Question mark because even though this class is over, I'm definitely open to fixing this up some more if the suggestions pop up. Or maybe I'll have some fun and design some interior pages later on. This project will definitely make a fun portfolio piece :)

Thanks for teaching this class, Meg!