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Dofra Presente Citizen Kane

This is what I'm going to attempt to recreate:

I have the original six sheet (if you don't know, that's about 47" wide and about 70" tall) version of this poster framed and hanging in my bedroom. I see it every morning when I wake up. Thought I'd give it a go trying to create it on my own.

I have some decent experience with illustrator, I use it for work quite a bit, but I want to improve my skills. Never taken any classes or training before, so I'm hoping this will fine tune some stuff I already know and teach me some things I don't!

Progress Day 1 - 1/23/2014 - 1.5hrs

Progress Day 2 - 1/28/2014 - 1.5hrs

Focused on the top half of the man today.


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