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Katherine Young

Designer & Artist



"Does the Noise in My Head Bother You" Redesign

I have decided to redesign the memoir of Steven Tyler. I am biased (as you can tell) and tend to think everything Steven Tyler does is genius. However, this book cover is something that I question. It sold very well but I would base that on his celebrity not the design.

First of all, Aerosmith/Steven Tyler has always done a great job of visual imagery. Personal style and the artwork used to represent the band have a very clear message. The stories told in lyrics with strong sexual inuendo jump to life visually in his style, persona, and imagery used to advertise the band.

Songs like "Big Ten Inch" and "Walk This Way" are examples of classic lyrics. Below are some album covers. Humor, sex, and strong imagery are very telling of who they are. "We are Aersomith and We ROCK!"

So why is the memoir lacking these themes? The content of the text is not straying from these themes. However, the photo is an image of Steven NOT SINGING. Yes, he is holding a microphone with his trademark scarves but he is clearly NOT SINGING and there is no sex or humor to be found which falls in contrast to the man and the music.

When I think of the direction I would like to take it, I think of vintage to modern rock posters and his trademark stage presence. I hope this will inspire something that bursts with the classic sex, drugs, and the rock & roll feel that I think the cover would benefit from.

I would appreciate any feedback on my initial concepts and hope to have sketches up soon. Thanks!    -Katherine


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