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Doer's Hardware

The Shop

So, Doer's Hardware is not yet a thing (sorry!), but it's currently in development and I agreed to help design a logotype. 

Rooted in Chicago, the store will begin as an online supplier for "doers and brewers" as it makes moves to land a physical space where local makers can come to see, touch, and try everything from inspiring materials to "diy" machinery and kits. 


The premise is similar to Inventables (flagship also in Chicago) and Hand Eye Supply (brick and mortar in Portland, grew from the, with a twist that stem's from  the owner's passion for brewing. Think desktop routers, 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics, and home brewery components all in one space.

With this in mind, Brew & Grow, Brew Camp, and The Electric Brewery are also driving competitors.        

Style/Art Direction

With some exceptions, I see a lot of clean cut, bold-faced, sans serif logos. The bold simplicity is something I'd like to retain; I think it works well.

I'd like to explore how the beer label and handcrafted elements can help to attract creatives and bring a sense of accesibilty to new diy-ers. It will be important to maintain a sense of refinement, not venturing too far into the crafty realm so that the brand can visually play on the same level as the big boys.

[update 4/27]




Originally, I liked the rythym of heights in all lower case. I thought it would be interesting to play with the lowercase d and h since they are essentially mirrors of themselves.

Through the sketch explorations, I'm now gravitating toward the capitalized D and H. It brings a formality that eminds me of older beer bottle labeling. I might explore the lower case script letters some more before moving on to vectors.

[update 5/5]

Working Vector:



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