Dodecahaus | Skillshare Projects

Jeremy McKeehen





For this project, I want to create something I haven't seen before...and for a while have been very inspired by geometry. Looking at the platonic solids, the dodecahedron struck me as a very aesthetically pleasing foundation, espiecally when viewed from an angle that displays it's beautful symmetry.

I also thought it would be fun to juxtapose 3D and 2D concepts in ways that aren't physically possible just for fun. With no real concept in mind I just started drawing lines and shapes and the structure began to create itself...I definitely wanted to keep things simple, and hope to really express some of the ideas I had through the animation process.



The final animation ended up being a fun little sci-fi/tropical fusion. I really enjoyed playing with different styles of animation curves, and combining them for unique results. There are some real gems in this class that will definitely be applied throughout my future projects; it's also an amazing way to get acquianted with After Effects even with only a very basic understanding of the software.


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