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Documentary Photography: Photographing a Subculture

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Class description:

While I was in college, I took a class titled Documentary Photography and the project that I completed clued me in to what kind of photography I wanted to practice. I decided to immerse myself in a subculture that played a part in my upbringing that I had never really been able to experience completely. Now, I want to teach you what I learned during that semester, both as an outsider coming into a new group, and photographically.

When it comes down to it, this class is how to be a people person. To immerse yourself in a culture, you must have enough knowledge about it to show that it is interesting to you, but you must also be open to being corrected about some of the knowledge you have. I will cover a few different resources I use to research, how beneficial certain personality traits can be 

This class is for anyone interested in photography with anywhere from a beginner and up.

This class is for anyone interested in getting to know more about their community or a specific subculture. I'll be giving you some ideas about what kind of cultures you can look into and an example of a photographer that has successfully immersed herself into several cultures all over the world.

Class Project:

First: Questionnaire about the culture you chose.

This project will involve finding a subculture around your area that you are interested in enough to learn about it from the inside out. For example, my Mud Life project was all about finding different places in North Florida that catered to the types of people that like to drive a big, jacked up truck through a mud puddle.

You will be doing some research to choose your culture as well as some research into that culture. o a little research. I will be giving you some ideas and resources for this project.

Final: Answering several questions about your experience and a photo story of at least 10 images of the subculture you chose.


Title chosen.

Decided to take out the camera part (thanks Daniel).

Milestone 3:

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