Doctors on the move!

I work at SickKids hospital in Toronto as a medical illustrator/animator (I'm still a student and very much still learning). I wanted to create a character animation of one of the doctors.

This was my first go at character animation (and first AE project in general).

I thought I could add another character, and give them a background to make it look like they're going places in the hospital! Still have a lot of ideas to try out/details to add.

I'm thinking I need to darken the wall colour or darken the skintones, the characters don't stand out the way I want them too.

I also plan to animate the stethoscope and pens in the pocket of the first doctor. And maybe even their eyebrows? lol. We will see!

All in all, a really fun project, I've learned a lot!

UPDATE: Made the above edits and I think it's looking much better! Let me know your feedback in the comments :)


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