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Lindsay Zasada

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Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

I'd struggled with doing a Doctor Who episode just because I'm a fairly new fan (maybe 2 years) and I didn't want to choose something obvious and I wasn't sure if Doctor Who was 'played out' since its been gaining more and more mainstream popularity lately.  That being said, I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who, and these are my all time favorite episodes, so I'm doing it.  This is also a story arch which starts in The Pandorica Opens & ends in The Big Bang.  The time loops in this episode are really what I love about it.  The scene where The Doctor (in the 'future')  needs to retrace his steps in order to invite young Amy to the museum (in the past) and to save Amy (in the VERY distant past) & get his screwdriver back is the definintion of 'timey-wimey'.  I'm also a huge nerd and love to think of the way time travel would play with existence and space-time.

Plot: The Doctor, Amy and River find that the Pandorica is burried under Stonehenge and go to investigate.  The Doctor regales that The Pandorica is the world's greatest prison and badly wants to know what is in it.  He touches it and it begins to open.  They figure out that Stonehenge's rocks are transmitters, broadcasting everywhere and that the sky is full of beings seemingly all squabbling over The Pandorica.  Little does he know that the Pandorica is indeed a prison....elaborately built to contain HIMSELF.  I love River's quip about prisons built to house to most feared thing in the universe, and those stories usually turning out to be The Doctor himself.  GREAT forshadowing and makes me giggle when I rewatch.  The Doctor is then put into The Pandorica while warning EVERY ENEMY the show has ever showcased that 'every sun with supernova' if they put him in the pandorica.  They don't listen, and all of space time collapses.  The rest of the episode and the next episode is centered on the great 'timey-wimey' time loops, The Doctor getting out of the Pandorica and 'things getting wierd' for Amy. 

Aspects of the episode I'd love to touch on:

The FEZ! (so cool)

'Two Screwdrivers in the same timestream.

The Romans

The construction of their reality through Amy's childhood memories (i.e. The Legend of Pandora's Box, Roman History, etc.)

The 'human' aspect (River is stubborn and insists on flying the TARDIS, Rory is 'made of plastic' and is forced to be conscious every second for the next 2000 years, Cybermen.  Metaphors for humanity


Also, River's wardrobe in this episode is my favorite of hers ever.  I want to showcase it.

Vortex Manipulator

I'm still struggling weather to do this as an illustration project (which I'm less skilled in) or a photomanipulation project (which I'm MUCH more skilled in) but I'm sure I'll work it out.  Here are my inspirations and my sketch.

And, my first sketch when I had decided to do the 30 Rock Episode -  'Sandwich Day', but then decided against it. :)


I tried to do a few more character sketches (I'm finishing up a contractual project for a client thats taking longer than expected so I expected to have MUCH more time for this stage of the project but alas...) and I'm still working out the layout of my piece.

Color Pallet studies:

Character studies:

Cyberhead. Head of a Cyberman

Under Stonehenge.  Opening the Pandorica

The end of the universe as predicted by Vincent VanGogh:

Whats in the Pandorica?

Layout:  This layout is REALLY rough.  Its just a doodle of a much more complex design that i have yet to get down.  It will revolve around Circular Gallifreyan which is the language of The Doctor.  They're basically pictograms 'spelling out' words.  I have the plan to design a certain word(s) that are key to this episode, possible forshadowing something and work the design around that.  Gallifreyan plays on everything being circular, complete, coming back around the the beginning, never ending, just like the universe.  Whoops, and its sideways THIS WAY IS UP ---->


Uggghhh.  I struggled with this project so hard.  I realized well into this project that I'd chosen one of the hardest episodes ever to illustrate.  There are so many facets to the story, and I didn't realize how many storylines dip in and out of this episode.  (There's actually a part of the episode where he time travels to a previous episode to deliver a message to Amy and then back to this episode - you don't know its him from the future until you get to this episode).  I traced them all, watched all the episodes in which several threads of storylines start and end, and it convoluted the design so much that i started over, twice.  Throw in some emergency last minute contract work and this project is shot. It make me sad cause i had very high hopes of making something amazing in this class, and I HATE missing deadlines.  I'll continue to work on this and possibly update when I have more time.  I didn't realize exactly how busy I was in my other jobs before I signed up for this class.  I look forward to seeing all of your designs, and after seeing the lectures and what you can do in Illustrator, I'll definitely be getting a copy and learning how to use it.  Photoshop just doesn't cut it with this type of project.  Good luck in the future, all!


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