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Doctor Who Quote

Any Whovians out there? The Doctor is an incredible, ever-changing character with a brilliant mind - always the cleverest one in the room. This is one of my favorite quotes from the Doctor:

"I am and will always be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of impossible dreams."

This was my first attempt at using Sean's method of intensely pre-planning before going into the sketch (found here), and I am so happy with how it turned out. It really took things to the next level for me and got me excited about teaching myself the art of hand lettering. I'm attaching a few of my initial sketches so you can see how the drawing progressed.

Here I was trying to decide which quote to use, spacing out of the words on each line, and playing around with shapes and a few smaller word shapes.

At the bottom of the page I tackled the longer, more emphasized words. I tried to create a good balance of upper and lower case, as well as a contrast in heavy and light (or hollow and filled in) words. As you can see, I eventually chose to make impossible lowercase and dreams uppercase. I felt like it was a more appropriate emphasis on the more light-hearted word and therefore better conveyed the meaning of the quote.

After choosing the final fonts, I penciled it in and then once I was happy, I inked it in with sizes .5 and 1 Pigma Graphic ink pens. It took a long time, but was very relaxing! Once finished inking, I erased all my pencil lines and this is what I had:

UPDATE 8/9/13: I spent probably way too much time on the second step of editing/preparing the piece in Photoshop, but because I took a picture instead of scanning, the piece varied a lot. Some places were slightly out of focus, and the range from dark to light made it hard to find a good spot to land. Next time I will definitely SCAN the image because I think it would give me a more consistant canvas.

I also made some structural changes by redoing the "of" to match the "far-flung" and adding some more weight to the right-hand side of the H. I love the "of" but am not sure what I think about the H. What are you guys' thoughts?

This is where I am at now:

Update 8/16/13: I'm much happier with my image now that I've finally brought it into Illustrator. I had no idea all those Live Trace options existed, and it will change the way I work in Illustrator from now on. I'm not a huge fan of Actions, and I'm perfectly comfortable with using my Pathfinder window, so I think I will stick with what I'm comfortable with there. I started playing with colors in Illustrator, but am not sure I want this particular hand lettering to be super textured, so I kept things pretty clean otherwise.

Aaaaand just because it's almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm feeling SUPER nerdy right now... here we go:

Anybody know how ridiculously illegal it is for me to use a copyrited image like this?

PS. Dear Matt Smith, I love you.


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