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Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is a novel by Stephen King, a sequel to King's novel The Shining, released in September 2013.


  • Danny Torrance
  • Abra Stone
  • The True Not
  • Flash Light People (True Not)
  • RVs
  • Steam
  • New Hampshire
  • Castle Rock
  • Room 217
  • Death
  • Candy
  • Alcoholism
  • The Shining
  • Psychokinesis


In the book the main character, Dan Torrance can see dead people and to stop seeing the visions. He fabricates boxes in his mind to capture them. This is all part of his old power "The Shining" which lessen with age. But Dan and the other main character (Abra) are stronger than most people who have a touch of the shine. Abra is a 13 year old girl who has much more shine than Dan. Abra is being hunted by the True Knot (Not) a group of vampire like shells that feed on peopel witht he steam (shining).  

So my idea is to fill the letter form "D" with a shelfs and boxes. There is alos this window metphor int he book. Where Abra and Dan can turn a table adn swap bodies sort of...


Gettin' digital! 

Am liking the shelf idea. But I do also liek this idea in the book about the wheel. 

"Life is a wheel and we end where we start." I think is a passage from the book. Also the three main characters use this wheel idea to get into each otehrs heads. 


Working on detailing "The Wheel" which is an RV while. Since the True Knot use RVs as there main mode of travel. 


Trying to get back in action after the holiday. Added soem detail. Trying to clarify concept more. 



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