Doberman - Animal Mark

Doberman - Animal Mark - student project



Here is a little study of an animal mark using geometry.


1. Moodboard - I am looking for the best silhouette, don't want to make it too complex. I end up choosing top right.

Doberman - Animal Mark - image 1 - student project

2. Sketching - I have to admit, that I didnt do as much sketches as George did, but there was hefty :P

Doberman - Animal Mark - image 2 - student project

3. Gridding - Im using geometric geometric shapes to substitute my pre-drawn imperfect forms into one whole.

Doberman - Animal Mark - image 3 - student project

4. Finalized Mark - Here I'm just having fun with the mark, making patterns and pairing it with an awesome font is making it stand out even more :)

Doberman - Animal Mark - image 4 - student project


5. Just have fun - Play with it, let your imagination take you places. Its just a little play with circles and lines. Have a wonderful rest of your day. 

- Michal

Michal Bíro
Making Impossible Possible