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DoNotTouch Manchester//England//TheGlobe

Here's the reason for the name, to be honest, it's probably a little of all 3, Also I like how I see the brand name already out there - 'Do Not Touch the glass at the aquarium' 'Do Not touch the Mona Lisa

Here's a visual of the language project Jeff set. Do Not Touch is universal. In any language.Car branding DoNotTouch / Staple - with a 'Ballers theme. Hope Jeff doesn't think I've been too cheeky!

Here are some badges I've put on my favourite caps (along with my BAPE cap) also in the middle my Trade Mark certificate.

Here's some POS i had made by a mate who is a stone mason - cool eh! (thanks to my mate Bergson)

One day DNT might be available here. One day.

I made the decision to do my tees in ranges or packs of 3 (like sneakers) Here is 'The Butcher', 'The Hunter' and 'The Tailor' They are based on fictional societies, clubs or associations.

Irwell Boys Club - Ironic. It's a filthy river that served Manchester well in the industrial revolution.

King of the North - Proud of our Northern routes, so here it is on a tee, this could be North of anywhere though. An early design that finally made it to print.

Manchester Tramps Club - Respect to Billionaire Boys Club

I'd love to be able to know how to create Jackets, tees etc in the future,
even a collabotation would be good.

That's DoNotTouch hope you all enjoyed looking through my stuff, including Jeff!


Nick // DoNotTouch

Cheers ya'll - much love to everyone, and well done to the winner. I'll keep an eye out.


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