DoGood Neon Lights

DoGood Neon Lights - student project

DoGood Neon Lights - image 1 - student projectDoGood Neon Lights - image 2 - student projectDoGood Neon Lights - image 3 - student projectI wanted to create a design that resembled neon lights. Neon lights are definitely eye catching so I wanted something colorful, clean and eyecatching. This if my first time doing a design like this that tries to create a glowing effect. Hopefully from the pictures uploaded you can see the progression.

1. Used font "Sam's Town" because of the style of the font creating the lettering with circles, which for me conveyed the look of letters being created my lights (bulbs).

2. Picked out the particular colors of each letter. I tried to go with colors that I felt would look good on black, grey and white apparel. I made sure that I picked lighter colors because I would make the outer glow a darker hue of the same color.

3. I created an inner glow in each letter.

4. I created an outer glow of each letter but made sure it was a little darker than the color of the actual letter to create a glow illusion as if it was maybe reflecting off of a window.

Brandon Owens

Owner of Good Tree Clothing