Do you have a physical property portfolio and have been thinking digital?

Do you have a physical property portfolio and have been thinking digital? - student project

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the power players of the world now understand that wherever you have eyeballs you have an audience that can be influenced. be it millions of people liking a vine, snap chat or video you have the opportunity of turning those followers in active and potential buyers.

you the trended attention gatherer have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with an audience like never before. if you have any of the following you're going to win. ..

  • killer end to an end product that inspires and delights a big audience
  • an incredible food product that ticks all the sustainability boxes
  • any kind of visual and audio talent - singing, dancing, ability or honed skill
  • a product that solves a global problem people have the world over
  • something that someone else wants
  • information, knowledge and the wisdom to share it

this is not (obviously) a complete list but if you have any of those elements that make your business, product or event stand out then you can formulate a zero to a hundred campaign across these platforms now and you will see engagement. no question.

but you have to bring it. it has to be clean, legit, deliverable, honest and authentic. simple.

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow