"Do whatever you do intensely" - Robert Henri

"Do whatever you do intensely" - Robert Henri - student project

"Do whatever you do intensely" - Robert Henri

I was looking for a phrase with t, and d, and l, and Robert Henri is one of the best inspirations I have on the shelf. I will admit that the Cap "D" has always been a difficult one for me in Script, so this will be a good challenge.


  • Do: Perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified)
  • Whatever: Used to emphasize a lack of restriction in referring to any thing or amount, no matter what. At all; of any kind (used for emphasis).
  • Whatever: can also be seen as a blank space with which to fill, so it could be interesting to use negative space in the lettering.
  • You: Used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing
  • Intensely: Possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to an extreme degree. Extreme in degree, strength, or size.  Involving or showing strain or extreme effort. Deeply felt; profound. Tending to feel deeply.
  • Intense seems to be a "more" kind of word, and then make it even "more"
  • Intense: Beard. Anvil. Wildcat. Jumping off of somthing. Convcept. Maze. Advanced Math. Colors


  • To include "Robert Henri" or not
  • All first letters in Uppercase?
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