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Melodie Pisciotti

Freelance Designer at WeAreGiants.



Do what you love.

I believe that we are all designed to dream or wish for something more in life. Eh, I know I will always overthink things but I try my best to do something about it. Yes yes, very cliché but not as cliché as the quote I will design. Ok fancy faces, I truly believe in this so let's be optimistic about life! My quote is taken from a pencil pouch that I own but the sentence is interchanged from a quote by Ray Bradbury. 

"Love what you do and do what you love"

I honestly stand by this because #ilovewhatido ...and a surely hope that you all do too! So digital hi-fives for everyone!

Here is my initial brainstorming for my project:

With that being so, I've gathered these words and browsed for some amazing visuals. I found some wonderful design elements, photography and typography that intrigued me and inspired me to create my design.

I created my mood boards from my research and came up with the following!

I'm super estatic to begin! I hope I can execute something as amazing as these previous images! WOOT!!


Definitely a working progress...


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