Tina Haiser

Physical Therapist at large



"Do the tighten up!"

These are all photos that I grabbed from Creative Commons image searches. They are all closeup portraits with a lot of intensity and very tight focus on the eyes. I definitely seem to be going for a very particular skill here. As Jonathan said in the office hours, most of us are not born with innate photography skills, and we have spend time learning. I didn't realize that it was beneficial to have a plan of what kind of shot you wanted to achieve going in, but I can really see how it will help me to focus on and hone that particular skill, instead of relying on luck for a good shot (not that there isn't room for luck, as well, but preparation + opportunity, etc...). Now that I know this, I can do it over and over again with different looks or styles that I want to achieve. A rather large gift from a free class, actually. Thanks!


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