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Liz Lopez

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Do something now, you can be proud of later

A friend of mine who is an author, made a video the other day in which he said 'Do something now, which you will be proud of later'. ( that really struck a chord.

This is something I often tell myself when I am trying to convince myself to do something I know I should do but can't be bothered doing, like cooking a healthy dinner, rather than ordering take-away, and it often helps me make the 'better' decision, one that I can be proud of.

I want to capture the feeling this quote evokes, and plan to present it as a cover of the book, with his name Ander Loius included. A book itself definitely strikes me as something that one can be proud of, with all the time and effort that goes into it. 

I aim to develop a vintage inspired book cover, and as someone who loves to rush everything, create something that will make me proud to look back upon, something done more carefully than my usual rush jobs, with carefully constructed type, and flourishes.

I have created a mood board of different ideas that I like, organising them into colour ideas, font ideas, and shape and detail ideas, as well as a few very rough sketches ideas, which I plan to do a lot more of, and get a range of options and layout ideas, as it's not quite working just yet.






Thanks for the feeback peeps, for someone with no lettering experience, even those few comments are really helping to direct me, and think differently. I worked on another layout sketch this afternoon. The 'Do' looks bloody awful, but I think it's heading in a better direction. 


Having another think about what kind of words I can associatie with my quote, and ideas I can apply to my letters - I was trying to think of things that people DO that create SOMETHING that they are can be proud of after some time (I want the book to have an antique feel, so a lot of time) has passed. I was thinking about details in old archeture, and gardens and how maybe I can incorporate this into my lettering details. Also found some lettering examples that I really like - seems very easy for me to find stuff I like, and less easy for me to create my own things! I'm looking forward to start my lettering warm-ups tonight - I didn't realise all the videos were up already, and have started watching them.

Lettering warrm up - this was a really great exercise to get some new ideas and come up with new ways to present my type. It really highlighted my habit of rushing, I tried to be quite careful, but couldnt help myself  and the end results are pretty scrappy. At least i have some new ideas and some base shapes I can refine - obviously I should have done this step before coming up with my thumb nail and layout sketches. I can see how I may be able to use the shape and ornate ideas in my existing idea though.



Had a crack ast drawing a  more detailed layout tonight, it's definitely the longest I have spent on one piece and i tried to get it as neat as possible. I quite like the end result, there are a few letters that are a bit iffy and I'm not sure what to do with the do. There is still a lot of inconsistency amongst letters but I'm happy with the over all look.  Any feedback will be welcome! 


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