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Do not go gentle into that good night

I chose Dylan Thomas's Do not go gentle into that good night for this project.

I really responded to the rhythm of this poem and the repetition of the words. This was one of the projects that I felt quite comfortable starting directly in the computer. I would start on a broad direction and then jump into lettering something and then go back into the layout. In a few cases, I sketched a few ideas but I moved things around too much in the layout and ended up with nothing quite like my sketch.

I did think a lot about the poem, its tone. I also researched Dylan Thomas and his reputation as a passionate young poet. Most of the scanned images from my sketchbook are about wordplay. In a few rare cases, I did sketch something for this project. I am not a book cover designer but as Peter says, this is the platonic ideal of the perfect graphic design project. I enjoyed working on this a lot, especially since I honestly had no idea how to solve the problem when I first read it, and decided to take the challenge. The solution really came from careful and repeated reading. I plan to go back and watch Peter's videos again and try another book project on my own soon.

I'll summarise my ideas here since my handwriting is probably a little hard to read:

1. Image - dark night, green sea. I thought of dark colors such as blue for the dark night. 

2. Image - blind eyes blazing. How can blind eyes blaze? See with blinding sight? How is this possible again. I enjoyed this paradox. Fire in a blind man's eyes. I liked the use of the words blind and blinding. Also liked burn and rave. I started thinking of juxtaposition of opposites right here. It seems that Thomas is passionately imploring someone old (his Dad) not not give up and fight to the end. I kept thinking of an old man, an old warrior who was either falling over at the end of a fight or something that conveyed an old strong man or warrior. I also liked the idea of a flickering flame, or a dying olympic torch juxtaposed with it.

3. Image -Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay. I liked the idea of the meteors but wanted to explore a little further into other cosmic phenomena. There was a suggestion of being defiant in the poem. I thought of eclipses, and other explosive astronomic events. This led me to looking for specific images.

4. Go out with a bang - I had an idea of a bang comic book style that unfortunately I did not explore (but might later)

5. Type - I tried several types of hand lettering in an energetic crude style using both ink and markers. I also played with images of eyes using paper cut outs.

I will jump into the final pieces that I ended up liking for this project. I dont have a systematic thumbnail study beyond a few that are in the scans above.

Option 1: Old warrior, knelt over. Feels a little defeated. Juxtaposed with the idea of something fiery exploding.

Option 2: I prefer this image of the old man to that of the knelt over old guy (option 1). I was hoping that this crop of his beard and strong shoulders would indicate age and strength. Its more hopeful I think. Looks stong, like he is not giving up. 

Option 3: Variations on layout for juxtaposition idea. Tried another image of a bright shining meteor or star. Added some copy that an actual book cover designer might need to place on a cover


Option 4: Tried some color, graphic elements, basic layout changes

Option 5: No juxtaposition. Just an explosion in a dark sky.

Option 6: Fiery poems? No eye, just fire abstracted.

Option 7: Fiery hand lettered poem

Option 8: Eyes, Fire. Brighter colors to signify fiery notes (no dark sky) . Pattern like to play on the rhythm and repetition of words (rage, rage like fires here, fires there kind of thinking) in the poem. I tried a lot of eyes with fire in them and they all felt forced. 

My Favorite:

I have three options that I like:

I really look forward to seeing every one else's work on this project and their thought process. Definitely will try to make more concrete sketches on future projects (and implement them)

Thanks for any feedback.



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