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Do not go gentle into that good night

Text (link to poem)

Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas


After several readings, I pulled out the following elements -

Character : The narrator and his father, other minor characters (wise men, good men, grave men, wild men)

Objects: Light, sun, darkness, lightning

Events : Dying father

Places : Green bay, good night, sad height

Concepts : Old men should fight off death, death is inevitable (not the main point), mortality

Imagery : Raging against the dying of light, sun and light fading, eyes blazing like meteors, fierce tears

Mood : Motivation, ferocity, hope (this could be personal)


Early Designs

After sketching I tried out a few ideas and ultimately decided on two that I would consider further.

The gradient concept is a representation of the dying of light that ends in darkness. I integrated the text in between both elements to serve as a stopper between the last light and darkness. I want it to come in like the pep talk it is, to physically stop your eyes from going into that good night.

With the eyes I wanted to represent death with a series of eyes progressively closing before suddenly opening and blazing like meteors.

I left them laying around as Peter suggested to see how I felt with them over time. I came to the conclusion that, although I liked the idea and the visual of the gradient cover, it wasn't very dynamic or engaging. So I went with the other cover which still required work as I felt that the style wasn't fitting at all.

I changed the style from vector to drawing but found that the closing movement wasn't clear enough. This brought me to my final version which contains 3 instances instead of 4 with one instance being completely shut eyes. I also changed the drawings (which I had picked up on google) to photos of my own.

Final Design 

The final layout is 2 sets of faded tired eyes that bring us to the text that tells us not to take it lying down and finally ending with a set of wide-opened eyes blazing like meteors. I felt like the line Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay was very clear imagery that did a good job of encompassing the idea of the poem. For this reason, I specifically chose to reference that line on the cover.

Thank you for reading, any comments are welcome and appreciated.


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