Do more work. Do more play. Make Jack a happy boy!

The first step, admitting you have a problem:

I have never been organized in my life.  I've never used an agenda/planner.  I've always relied on my intelligence and talent to get by.  This has honestly been how I have functioned from 1st grade all the way through grad school. I am now a Creative Director and need to pick up the slack more than ever.  I need this for my professional life AND my personal life.  Life is short. Dont fuck it up.

I've watched all of the videosin this course. I have come back to them to clarify things but I am so glad I have found this course! I believe that a vast majority of the woes in my life are from not being organized. Walking around with a fuzzy perception of your day to day is bad for your health. This course has invigorated me and I am making progress. Like today, when I moved over 7,000 emails from my inbox to my archive.  Obviously I did not need those sitting there and I still have access to them if I need them.  I also unsubscribed from ten email news letters THAT I NEVER READ.  Kickstarter, I love ya, but really, I don't care.  If I cared, I would go to your website.

I think what really works for the GTD method, besides everyting, is the instant gratification.  The "next physical action" is the key to illustrating the GTD effectiveness.  Lovin' it.



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