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Do go chasing waterfalls!

Whilst in Iceland you've got to to go see the waterfalls right? I spent the majority of my week there either travelling to or at many of the magnificant waterfalls the island has to offer. I found natural light had a huge part to play in the shooting of these natural wonders.

We arrived at Skogafoss just as the sun was beginning to sink behind the horizon, the glacier water was lit beautifully and photos really didnt need much touching up at all. The photos above and below and a before and after i used VSCO cam to bring out that natural light a little more. 

Again, the next two photo's of Skogafoss are before and after a little VSCO cam editing.

I thought it was important in both of these shots to bring out the white in the surrrounding ice/frost/mist of the waterfall. Thats what made the next waterfall a joy to shoot. Gullfoss produces huge amounts of mist/spray and when we arrived the walking path alongside the waterfall was nearly completly covered in ice. I went to a high vantage point to try and capture it. I used VSCO cam again whilst editing this shot, i always shoot instagram specific shots using the square iphone camera settings.


So, especially when in Iceland, do go chasing waterfalls!


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