Do a push-up

I actually can't do a push-up. It's not like I'm overly weak or obese. On the contrary, my weight hovers around a healthy range for my height, and I can do plenty of other things just fine. I just have some deficit in the muscles that a push-up requires, I guess. 

I figure, if I want to build muscle around my pectorals and triceps and whatnot, that's going to mean I'll need to eat healthy and exercise, so if doing a push-up is my goal, a lot of my other goals will naturally follow. I'll be doing other things that may not further that specific goal, like working out different muscles, but the idea is, doing a push-up seems like a very small, managable, achievable goal. That makes it easier to take the steps necessary to achieve it. My problem is usually procrastinating because it seems hard. Perhaps this little goal will help circumvent that :)


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