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Do What You Love

I'd been avoiding this 16x20 for over  year.  I usually work in much smaller formats.  Between this class and a personsl challenge with myself to work outside my  comfort zone, I sketched, painted, decorated and embellished my heart The backgorund was stenciled with a diamond pattern and the color lifted in some areas for effect. .  I also used liberal amounts of gltter, embossing powder and emobssing paste to give it texture.  I doodled on the canvas and added thinestones and pearls.

Finally.I wrote out my quote  - I wanted it to look sort of handwriten and casual but most importantly I wanted the  word "LOVE" to be the focus point of the quote and to stand out from the red heart.

For me this quote means that if you love yourse and invest yourself fully in what you love to do, then, you'll be happy.  :)   A great quote for anytime of the year.



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