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Do Something Today...

November 11, 2013

The quote I chose, that first came to mind is " Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For". The quote itself means a lot to me as a personal reminder to keep daily accountability for each and every choice made.  We are each created from each choice we make, have made, or will make. The words inspires happiness, positivity, conscious decisions, and a reason to believe that there is always room to change to make things better!

More to come!!


 November 12, 2013

Found lots of good inspiration and time to doodle today! Trying to brainstorm, while driving, in the shower, lying down in bed... best places to let go and let your mind drift away for a moment!  I am so glad I found this class online. I have always enjoyed the art od handwriting, and take pride in neat penmanship. I like to play with fonts, and switch up my handwriting depending on mood or project. I enjoy the fluid feeling of where your hand and mind can take you. The free feeling of making words come alive or make them simply beautiful! I am afraid I may turn into a "lettering" monster! But I am always open to new outlets to free my creativity and bring it to reality.




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