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Mark Collard

Adventure educator, Author & Entrepreneur



Do-It-Yourself Group Games & Activities Programming Tool

Educators and program leaders, especially those who are new to the field, often struggle to design powerful and rewarding programs.

More than once, as a professional trainer myself, I have said "Wouldn't it be great if you could just press a button and, whammo, my program would be planned out for me."

There are just so many great group games and activities out there, it's always hard to know where to start.

But imagine, if I could open an app, and moments after answering a few questions and entering a small amount of data, one or more programs would be ready for me to review and use.

My customers are: teachers, youth workers, corporate trainers, camp counsellors and any one wanting to lead a group through a series of fun activities would want this app. When they use playmeo, and my new programming tool they save time, they buy my expertise, and get access to an enormous collection of group games and activities.

One part of the project (my greatest asset right now) - a massive database of 240+ group activities - is already operating as a commerical enterprise - - it features a powerful search filter whereby the user can perform a search based on time, group size, equipment, type of activity and keywords. Each activity has been tagged with up to 250 searchable terms and phrases.

playmeo operates on a subscription based model. You can subscribe to a free account, and later upgrade to access the premium content, or a user may subscribe immediately.

I manage a small team of contractors who assist me to design and develop the website, edit videos, write content, draw illustrations, and translate the content into Spanish

The hardest part is turnbing the art of group facilitation (most of which rests in my head, and that of my colleagues), and transforming it scientifically so it can be coded into a software program / app.


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