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Do It Quickly

I had a sleepless night so a decided to give this class a shot. I really like Brandon's emphasis on efficiency. Which inspired the phrase I started exploring, "Do It Quickly". I spent just enough time sketching to get solidify the idea I wanted (I don't think I do more than 6 doodles to get form and composition). 

I started looking for a medium weight geometric font that had a wide almost square like letterform. Brandon Grotesque ending up fitting the role perfectly.

Then I began constructing the form of the piece. Measuring the width of the lines of the letterform and making sure that my line stroke matched (for the circle and swoosh that became the Q). Also, since it's a geometric font everything was based off the geometric shapes. The swoosh was created by using circles that fit and cupped eachother. I later removed the pieces that weren't needed to construct the swoosh.

The next problem to tackle was the Y. The Y that comes stock sat too high for the ligature I wanted (Q+Y), (do you still call it a ligature in this form?). I wrote out the whole alphabet to see if there were any forms I could use. V and surprisingly W ended up being my best options. The V invaded the L's natural space and kerning didn't seem to help. The V also didn't organically flow into the swoosh. W was a great balance. It was already positioned at a great angle on both sides and felt like it continue the swoosh perfectly. 

Next, I felt that the swoosh created good movement but didn't embody "quickness" good enough. So I added little movement trails and an underline that matched the angles of the ones found on the letterforms. 

Then I added some color and a bit of grunge to it (I chose gold because it reminded me of how valuable being fast is).

I threw this bad boy up on Dribbble and called it a night.
The whole project took me an hour or so. From ideation to completion. 

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