Ramanama V. Akula

Interior Designer



Do Home Decorations Yourself

Class Description-
Many of us have broken and unused junk piled up in our homes, thinking that it may be required later. But that one occasion never comes up. It just only eats up your space. Also you can’t come up with any idea what to do with them. Well don’t fret. This course has some very simple instructions to turn your junk to home-made decorations to liven up your rooms.

Class Project-

DIY projects are fun filled projects, and we all agree to it and had been doing it since childhood days. So which project did you take up from the list of projects discussed here? Share photos of your DIY projects and keep inspiring others.

Class Outline- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kNchQ_XuJxpnmv5r1n8qhoBJp2zMOyrUQHhWNIVSNeM/edit?usp=sharing

Introduction- https://www.dropbox.com/s/ud57a3ylv6og64t/Introduction%20and%20Recycling%20Old%20Glass%20Bottles.mp4?dl=0

Published Class- http://skl.sh/2aH7Ddp


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