Do Good Work - Vectorized

Do Good Work - Vectorized - student project

Round 4 / Vectorized

Oh man, it took forever! to tace the letters. I tried using the width tool and I just can't get the hang of it, so this is all manual pen tool shapes (and then photoshop). I also fixed up the "W" a little.

Is there anything you guys see before I call it done?

Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 1 - student project

Here's a close up of Work

Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 2 - student project

Round 3

Refinded it a bit more. This is a cleaned up scan. What do you think?

Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 3 - student project

Round 2

I combinded both into this sketch. I do like this better than the previous two. What do you guys think? I'm open to anything. Thanks :)

Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 4 - student project

Round 1

I decided to letter "Do Good Work." It was something one of my design professors at school always told us at the end of the class. He is a great instructor and I always feel like I can really do anything afterwards, always feel inspired to do great work.

Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 5 - student project

I did two versions of the phrase. I sketched them all out using the grid and slant-guides, but I could not replicate the same result. So I used tracing paper to pick out/move the good parts.

I thought the first one is more spot on. No fuss, just straightforward. But I'm not really liking how unbalanced it is, with the leg of the "k" kicking far; also I'm not sure how to connect the "G" and the "W". I was forcing them so much to connect. Maybe I should just extend the G to W without the loop? I am planning on moving "Do" up a bit, to give it a bit more space.

The second one is what I would normally do, swirls and fluffs, but I'm not sure how I feel about it....

Here are some of my earlier process:Do Good Work - Vectorized - image 6 - student project

What do you guys think? Please help. Any feedback (good or bad) is welcomed. Thanks :)

Jaclyn Co

Graphic Designer