Do Androids dream of electric sheep? ;))

Well, I started from a preexisting very very old not digital artwork I made decades ago...just a way to reuse it! Watching the blue ground with gray leafs I wonder about an alien world and My mind suggested me to use something from Blade Runner the famous film (1982) from a Philip K. Dick novel...does anyone watch it? ;) sure, It's a classic science fiction thriller, wonderful. Ok, what I am wandering is ...if androids could or not dream as humans do? Yes, they can!!

my work is not yet finished...I want to put the electric sheep, my idea is to put several animals with different fluo colored fur, what do u think? Any suggestions?thk!!


Al last my work is finished...I got some troubles with the trees' shadows, impossible to draw! :( anyway I decided to make some touch of colours with illustrator brushes! I think I dont like too much the sheep anyway if I find the moment Ill make them in a new version...any other suggestion about? ps. sheep are shit cuz too much common animals, its easy tom fall in dejavu shapes....ciao from Italy!!! ^-^


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