Diving into my mind

Diving into my mind - student project

First of all, I’ve broken the rules of the game. I know, it’s not supposed to happen, as you break your rules while painting, but who cares, we are all creating!

I’ve only made eight paintings, as when I was running out of paper, I realised that I didn’t cut enough for ten works. But they have been enough to explore my jumble of inner thoughts and push my limits. Are you feeling blocked? You only need to take a class from Marie-Noëlle Wurm ;D


Diving into my mind - image 1 - student project


For this project, I surrounded myself with some gouache tubes, a watercolour palette, chalk pastels and several bottles of inks.


Ten things I’ve learned in this class:


- Painting quickly makes you dive into your real thoughts.

- Chalk pastel is beautiful for background gradients, and using your fingers for blending feels terrific!

- You never know what you can use for painting: an ink dropper, a toothbrush, your fingers or even a ruler.

- This game is a perfect way to unlock yourself and create basic ideas that you can grow into more.

- Ugly can be beautiful.


Diving into my mind - image 2 - student project


- Limiting your time for a painting is a powerful method to not to overthink.

- Creation takes less time than you think. You only need to focus and let it go.

- And it’s soooooooooooooo fun.

- Ok, there are horrible experiments, so what? You learn what not to mix, what doesn’t work so well, and what you don’t like so much.

- It’s a perfect opportunity to grab all those forgotten art materials and PLAY.




I instantly loved this piece. It only took me like two minutes to do it, and it is one of my honest works. It represented my heart, still beating, surrounded by all those dark shapes that hurt it once in a while. It makes me think about the lockdown and the dark days where you feel horrible, but you are still breathing, alive, with enough willpower to overcome the day and keep on surviving.

Diving into my mind - image 3 - student project




Diving into my mind - image 4 - student project

I was enjoying a lot this one when suddenly time was up! I feel that it would have turned out into something curious.




Diving into my mind - image 5 - student project



Diving into my mind - image 6 - student project



Diving into my mind - image 7 - student project



Diving into my mind - image 8 - student project



Thank you, Marie-Noëlle. Your classes are always such a source of inspiration! :')

Isa Cienfuegos
Inking all the way!