Diving into Procreate

Diving into Procreate - student project

My fiancé got my Procreate for my birthday, so Jarom's class was perfect for learning the new app!  

As I started sketching out ideas, a lot had to do with swimming in some form. Then I had the idea to try some diving sketches, and I ended up with this!

Diving into Procreate - image 1 - student project

Once I got the hang of the selector tool and figured out how to organize the layers so the water and diver looked the way I wanted, this was a ton of fun! This sketch gave me a lot of opportunities to play with brushes in Procreate, particularly the elemental ones. 

This is how it turned out!
Diving into Procreate - image 2 - student project
I'm really excited to explore more of Procreate and see what else I can do with it. Thanks Jarom!

Mary Aguililla
Email Marketing Manager II at Skillshare