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I´m María, I´m from México and I am an Illustration Student at ENAP (Thats our Nacional School of Plastic Arts). I am so exited to start this project, even so a little concerned about the fact that this started just by the end of my semester and things are getting hard to come along with exams and projects...but I will work really hard!

I mostly work on analog tecnics, and since Digital takes me so long, I can´t sketch in digital I suck too much u.u I´ll deliver my project using mostly pencil and watercolor, I hope there is no problem with that!

Ok I am falling behind so lets get started, here we go!

1.- Concept Sketch (n.n)

Firts of all my female lead character Helena:

She was born and raised happilly alongside her 4 brothers and sisters, apparently blessed by the gods with good fortune and golden hair to prove her divine preference for her.

When she became 17 she meet both Nicolae and Helio, in his human form, and as both men compete against each other for her hand she fell in love with the first one. With the terrible curse of Helio heartbreak upon them Nicolae and Helena ran away to be together, but after 4 years of living in the dark his revenge finally catch them and Nicolae was killed. After the incident sweet delicate Helena became a bloodthirsty, cold hearted knigth in a crussade to overcome the abusive power gods claim over people like her.

Here we have young Helena, about 7 years old, to practive how her face would age. Happy and innocent she often played around shoe-less.

We have Knigth Helena, With and armor constructed from both Elfish and non Elfish object she has collected over the years, and taking less care of herself, this is the Helena that bravelly sacrifices everyone and everything to get what she wants.

And the small one is a quick thing I did of her when she was a happy runaway alongside her then husband Nicolae.



Nicolae lost his parents when he wasn really young and was raised by his uncle, Captain Heart, a man dedicated to travel the seas in search of the most fine object to sell in his homeland. Warm hearted and mostly caring, Nicolae is brave and has seen many things, so he is afraid of almost nothing, therefor the desicions he makes are often reckless and end up in someone getting hurt.

He meet Helena when her and her brother came to his uncle´s ship to deliver a letter form their father, who was and old bussiness parter. As he felll almost at first sigth he had to figth for her even after they got married. Runing away from Sun God Helio, they made many friends and learn many things,

Eventually they settle in a long lost town where he learned the skill of and old baker and inherit his shop after he retired. But he died tragically leaving his young wife behind and becoming her reason to enter a 100 year old revolution she was destined to put and end to.


At last I have Helio,
Being a peacefull and gracefull god that ruled over all the people from the west coast Helio was a mercyfull god that lived quietly and alone in his palace in the sky until Helena was born.

Deeply in love with her since then he covered her with blessing hopeing she would one thay be his. For his misfortune she fell for Nicolae, forcing him to take a human form to try and get his heart for himself, for it was unthinkable that she wouls not end up with him.

Even so, he was rejected in multiple ocassions and desperate returned to his celestial form and attemped to keep Helena for himself. After she ran away he looked for her, for 4 years. Mad with both pain and anger he murdered his rival and got not only the hate of his beloved but he  also set in motion a faith profetized for him many years ago.

Helio has both his human and "celestial" form, much more delicate in both shape and taste that Nicolae, he cares more for detail. As human he never takes his gloves of, for he could burn down a whole town with one finger.He looks more Elfish his human form and seems to be larger than taller.



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