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I've decided to make a comic about a teenage girl, Emily.
She is a simple, energetic sociopath, who were sent to hell after death and now has to defeat all of the strongest condemned souls, so she can overthrow Satan and become powerful enough to resurrect...

Basically it's gonna be a metaphor of student's life at the university and his struggles to get a degree, magical artefact which allows him to finish education and get a job.

I'd like to include some elements from Slavic mythology, because it's quite interesting and very few people know anything about it, and few bits from Divine Comedy, cause I like its descrition of hell.

First Sketches:

Update Apr 7th:
Hi. As it turned out, I'm lazy. I really like drawing in my "manga-like" style, but It takes a lot of time and I know it would take much more with an actual comic. So, from now on I'll take it simple.
I'm still keeping the setting (hell, Slavic demons and stuff), but for now I'll just make some old-fashioned, lame and pathetic gags which make me laugh.

New characters from category "maybe":


I've finished my first comic. Please let me know what you think.


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