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Divine Law

Step 1: Select a text source:

I have chosen the poems Mrs. Meyers and Dr. Meyers from the Spoon River Anthology.  Out of all the characters, I am fascinated how these two characters' stories are intertwined with many of the other characters. These poems will provide me with the foundation for a narrative that explains how a botched abortion ruins the relationship between the doctor and his wife.

The poem is about a doctor who performs a botched abortion for a woman who was raped.  She dies and as a result, the town thinks the baby was his.  After years of building a reputation as the kind doctor who took care of the poor, he is shunned by the town's people.  Themes explored include:

  • Trust
  • Empathy, both having and lacking it
  • Reputation
  • Secrets
  • Gossip/pressures of society

I've decided to base my script from the wife's point of view.  I've modernized it, as the subject matter is still controversial today.

Step 2: Write a Logline: A Wife's loyalty is challenged when her husband is arrested for a botched abortion.

Step 3. Write a Screenplay: 


Here's a picture of the town I envision:


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