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Divine Gunslinger

First off, PB, I've been a huge fan of yours since you were doing artwork for PSM. I've always loved how much action you're able to capture in your illustrations.

I work as a full time animator for the USAF and do plenty of illustration commissions, but I've always struggled with fundamental stuff. Anatomy and perspective not being the least of them.

For this course I'm going to showcase a character I developed a few years back. He's basically a divine gunslinger. His murdered twin brothers possess the guns he carries, each of varying alignments. One was good, one was evil. As long as the 3 are together Cael (the gunslinger) is a superhero for lack of a better term. If they're ever seperated and the Trinity broken, the guns return to wooden carvings (toys for the boys in life) and Cael returns to a normal 17 yr old boy.

I've uploaded a few of my illustrations here, a quick one I did of Spidey Killing Deadpool tonight and some others. I'll be working on poses throughout the day tomorrow on breaks.

I would love for you guys to take a look at my work and critque anything you see that I really need work on. I have no ego, so let it rip, my goal here is to improve. Thanks and looking forward to seeing all the projects!

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