Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator




Hello, Franki!

This is not really a project, more like a reflection on this current year of my freelance experience.

So, I was watching your class and kept thinking: "wow, its like she got into my head took the thoughts that have been circling around and put them in nice order" =D ahahaha =) tank you for that =D

So, frog eating has been on my mind lately, especially when it comes to doing physical exercises. Im not a sports fan, but I stick to my routine and the worst thing possible is to delay doing exercises until almost night =D So from time to time I try to make them as early as possible and leave my evening free =) 

Working on holidays. Im having an opposite problem, it seems. Recently I thought about setting up some guidelines for my clients, because I tend to be very friendly and can work on a project past midnight and on weekends, my clients sometimes get the idea that they can watsapp me like anytime =D Not demanding work, so to be clear, I'm really blesses with most awesome clients, but rather asking questions or giving suggestions =D So my problem is actually setting some non-work hours =) 

Diversification. Yeah, now I know why I keep taking illustrations works (which I find incredibly interesting, but that are paid like a fraction from what I can earn by teaching photography). I am diversifying =D I love learning new skills and earning while learning is like a dream come true and thats what happening with my illustration gigs right now =)

Thank you for the class and letting me and other students see the picture from some distance and in a nice order =)


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